Material Production: CVI, Large Print, Braille

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storybox, blind children, adapted materials
tactile schedule, blind children, adapted materials
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Adapted materials, large print, braille, tactile

     Producing materials for CVI children, in large print, and Braille is a part of the TVI’s responsibilities. The TVI is required to ensure that the student receives his/her texts, worksheets, homework at the same time as the sighted peers in the classroom receive their materials.

     The Large Print Materials need to be:

  • Clear, bold, easily readable in the student’s preferred font.
  • Color if the original is colored and if color enhances the student’s ability to see.
  • Put on 8.5x11 paper whenever possible so that the student does not perceive him/herself as different.
  • Simple in color, design, and adaptation, especially for students with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI).
     Our braillists work hard to produce quality braille and tactile graphic  materials. Some are sent out and some are produced in-house.


     It is the responsibility of the TVI to do the material production, whether large print or braille. A typical TVI spends approximately 50% of their time enlarging, brailling, and adapting materials for the students served.                 

     However, in an effort to reduce costs to the educational agencies we serve, we have discounted the price for large print and braille material production by almost half the cost of a certificated teacher by hiring and training non-certificated staff to create and produce the materials needed by the VI students. Our production staff use Adobe In-Design and Photoshop to replicate the large print materials in the format the student needs as specified by the IEP. We have trained Braillists who braille the materials using translation software and an embosser when braille is needed.

     This allows for educational agencies to receive quality materials for their students with visual impairments at half the cost it would normal be done by a certificated TVI.